S:t Eriks

Creative direction for S:t Eriks Ljus Lager

Brief: Create a PR concept and visual language for the launch of S:t Eriks Ljus Lager that attracts a design-oriented target group.

Concept: “En tradition i ny tappning.” A unique design collaboration between Chris Martin and Ebba Alling, exclusively for S:t Eriks Ljus Lager.

On the beer glass, Ebba celebrates the concept of "Stockholm as form." The design plays with people's imagination and the possibility of dreaming on. The organic shapes on the glass invite interpretation - are they clouds? Water? A reflection in Riddarfjärden? Stockholm is a city full of dreamers and innovators who move us forward.

Chris Martin is one of the founders of the renowned furniture manufacturer Massproductions. He has designed three beer taps, sculpted from the same type of hard plastic found in bowling balls. The light beer is the connecting factor that unites the creations. A meeting of craftsmanship, passion, and design.

A limited edition of the beer glasses is available for purchase at the interior design store Esteriör on Åsögatan 144.

Christopher hunt